For the past week we have been tinkering with magnets in the tinkering lab. The goal was for students to discover key principles about magnets: magnetic force can travel through objects, magnets have polarity, and certain materials are attracted to magnets. After each tinkering session we shared and documented our learning.
This week we will be designing and creating a magnet game.


Repeating patterns

During the month of September the class has been working on deepening our understanding of repeating patterns. A grade 2 math outcome is to demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns by describing, extending, comparing and creating patterns using manipulatives. The students used an app called Book Creator to document their learning. As they finish their projects I will post them under their name.


Exploring Liquids

Our first unit of study in science is exploring liquids. This last week we have been investigating flow rates. On Tuesday I organized a Liquid Race. As a class we explored the ease of flow of five different liquids including water. We redid the experiment 3 times to make sure our results were fair.


The students were then asked to interpret the data by making a graph using their Lego plates. We discussed that water was the fastest to reach the finish line so water would reach from one end of the Lego plate to the other. Each student had to decide how far each column would reach for the other four liquids. Finally, using the Lego plate graphs they created a bar graph. This week we will be discussing their scientific thinking about the differing flow rates of liquids.