Graphing Data

A learner outcome in the grade 2 math curriculum is for the students to be able to gather and record data as well as construct a graph. I love to use Lego plates to graph data. Working in pairs the students were asked to discover how many boys and girls were in our class. We recorded our data and constructed a graph. This math project was very teacher directed. The students become more independent as they understand the protocols. In our next graphing project students will be asked to interpret the data.


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Canmore Museum and Dog Pond

These two field trips were designed to support two learner outcomes in grade 2. We visited the Canmore Museum to gain a deeper understanding of Canmore’s beginnings and how Canmore has changed over time.
We revisited the Dog Pond to continue to compare and contrast small, crawling and flying animals and to recognize their basic needs.








Building Boats

The second part of our unit was for the students to design, build and test a boat. Over a few days the students designed and collected the materials they needed to build a boat. With the help of Laney’s family and Daphne’s mom, the students built, tested and rebuilt boats.


Boats and Buoyancy Stations

The grade 2s learned about Boats and Buoyancy through targeted discovery and play. My goal was for the students to explore what floats, sinks and what makes a boat buoyant, stable and balanced in the water. While the students explored, Jasmine and I encouraged the them to articulate their thinking.


Boats and Buoyancy

As part of our Boats and Buoyancy unit the students were given the option of building a paddle boat at home with the help of an adult. A paddle boat is propelled using the energy of a wound up elastic band. Every paddle was different.